Stratton Seasonal Rentals

Stratton is outstanding skiing and boarding, family fun, and friendly après-ski. Seasonal rentals are an easy way for families to experience Stratton before buying a home: head out on the mountain, take your kids to the Sport Center pool, and enjoy a fine meal with family or friends – all part of living the Stratton experience.

Stratton Real Estate offers customers the opportunity to enjoy a winter season at Stratton and is the only agency that offers seasonal Sports Center memberships. Seasonal rentals typically run from November through April and are offered at a variety of properties throughout the resort.

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We love Stratton and we love what we do – and that’s a big part of why nobody is better placed than our real estate specialists to help you find the resort home that’s right for you. Call us at 1-877-848-4370 or 802-297-4100.

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